I bought this little hybrid cactus last night, thinking it would fit perfectly on my kitchen window sill, and it did. I loved the color pop! I also love my milk glass collection. It's tiny, but it makes me happy!

I'm thoroughly enjoying these days leading up to spring. Afternoons are warmer, the days are getting longer, and plans are being made for vacation. Speaking of vacation, any tips on getting kids to sleep while staying somewhere "new"?

What is making you happy today? Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm home today due to a big snow storm so seeing your beautiful plant makes me happy! I am so looking forward to Spring! I also love your milk glass collection. I have a few bud vases similar to yours. So pretty! ♥

  2. Love your milk glass collection.
    My mother had some similar.
    As far as getting little ones to sleep somewhere new, we always found that we relaxed the rules when we were on vacation! We let the kids sleep together in a big bed in the room with us, and we would watch a movie while we ate room service treats! Then...usually because we were exhausted too, we would all go to sleep at the same time! LOL

  3. What a gorgeous photo! The lighting is magical.
    I'm with you in enjoying the warmer longer days. I am so ready for Spring in my northwoods too. Your milk glasses are so pretty.
    Maybe get the Girls good and tired out when you're in a new place. Take them out on a walk. take them swimming in the pool. And if they end up staying up later the first night - it will usually catch up with them so they'll be more tired and get to bed better the next night.

    No Spring break plans here - but enjoy your trip! xoxo