Friday, April 27, 2018

Five Things Friday

Drinking: This week, I tried an Iced Strawberry Latte. Oh my goodness! Match made in heaven. ;)

Reading: I just finished reading two of Jennifer L Scott's books from the Madame Chic series. They are so good! She shares her experiences from living with a family in France.

Watching: We watched the new Hawaii-Five-O thanks to Netflix. If you like detective shows with a dash of sarcastic humor, check it out. We've enjoyed them so far. 

Listening: The Greatest Showman Soundtrack. We watched the movie last weekend, and while the movie was good, the music was even better! 

Cooking: I made homemade lasagna for our anniversary dinner. We had salad, sparkling cider, and Josh brought home chocolate cheesecake to boot. The cheesecake is from a local restaurant, and the crust tastes like a chocolate cake, so yes, good. So good. I need more, I think.

Happy Friday!


  1. Happy Friday! Ohh still have to check out that book series. Your anniversary dinner sounds delicious! Cheesecake is a great way to celebrate. :)

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s

  2. And that sounds delicious!!!!!
    I love your life. : )

  3. Happy Anniversary! ♥ You week looks lovely! You are always enticing me with the most delicious coffee flavors! Iced strawberry latte? YUM! I will definitely have to look for that book series. Sounds great! Also, I loved the Greatest Showman too!

    Happy Weekend! xo

  4. happy anniversary! Sounds like a nice relaxing week :)


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