Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Your Guide to La Jolla California

For our anniversary, we wanted a relaxing, extra long weekend. While looking up places to visit in California, I stumbled on the web site for La Jolla, California, and I was sold. We also wanted to rent a convertible. When we arrived in San Diego, we headed to the Payless Car Rental desk, and the young man on duty was extremely helpful. He spent several minutes working out details so we could get the car that we wanted, printed off maps for us, gave us personal recommendations (which ended up being one of our favorite stops!). I wish I had taken time to write the young man's name down, because I was very impressed. In a world where customer service appears to be fading, you REALLY notice companies who go above and beyond. We are new fans to Payless!

We stayed at the La Jolla Cove which was directly across the street from the ocean (stunning views from our balcony). While it was an older hotel, it had been remodeled in a chick beach theme, and the lobby was STUNNING. Besides the fact it smelled like heaven (seriously, I should have asked about the candles they were burning), they had snacks, drinks, a sitting area, and a beautiful fountain. What really sold me on staying there, however, was the fact they offered complimentary breakfast on the roof! So every morning, we sat on the roof taking in views, and enjoying the breakfast. I fell in love with the Mango juice, and yogurt parfaits. Best granola EVER.

Another reason we chose La Jolla is the wildlife that is located directly across the street from the hotel. You can walk right up to the Sea Lions, Seals, and tons of tropical birds. I knew Josh would love it, and I was right! They also have gorgeous cliffs, walkways and beaches to enjoy.

The views were absolutely stunning.

My favorite thing in the whole world is taking walks along the beach, coffee in hand. There's  nothing quite like it, and honestly, it's such a simple tribute to the beauty of God's handiwork.

We took time to visit the SALK institute in La Jolla. My husband works in architecture, so we generally look up cool buildings to see. Oddly enough, I think I was more excited than Josh to see it. It's extremely modern, but very unique. It's worth stopping by for a photo op!

The town is very's full of boutique stores, art, architecture, coffee shops, and the best Gelato shop we've ever visited. It was also home to one of the best meals, ever! I'll be doing a separate post all on that, too.

We can't wait to visit again, but next time, I think we are gong to make it a family getaway!


  1. This looks absolutely breathtaking!!! I need a vacation like this : )

  2. This looks like a beautiful spot for a vacation!!

  3. So beautiful! I’ve always liked California!

  4. I used to come here a lot for work 4 jobs ago!


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