Friday, June 22, 2018

Five Things Friday

Drinking: Ya'll, I've become obsessed with the swirled coffee flavors from Dunkin Donuts. I order an Iced Latte with Caramel Swirl. It is SO good. 

Reading: I had a chance to pick up a few novels from Mardel's. I'm about to dive into another Dee Henderson. Her crime novels are the BEST. 

Watching: Other than Incredibles 2, we haven't watched much TV this week.

Loving: We've been swimming every weekend so far this summer, and it has been wonderful. I don't enjoy the extreme heat, but swimming makes it much more bearable.  

Making: We have a potluck at church this week, so I will most likely make a batch of chocolate chips cookies or brownies.

How was your week? What things are you loving today? 


  1. Happy Friday!
    I will have to try that coffee soon!
    And we enjoyed some swimming as well.
    The last couple days have been rainy, so we have enjoyed some cozy afternoons inside.
    Have a nice weekend!
    Take a pic of your brownies! : )

  2. Haven't been watching much TV too. There's something about reading during a summer night that is much more enjoyable

  3. Now you've got me craving cookies! hm what should I bake this weekend?

  4. Thanks for sharing all your faves! We saw Incredible 2 last weekend and the parts I got to see were super cute. I am going to have to try that coffee!! Looks so good.

  5. With this summer heat a pool has been moving higher and higher on my priority list!!

  6. Sounds like summer is off to a great start! And that coffee looks soooo good! : )

  7. Brownies are one of my favorite dishes to bring to a potluck, because they're always a big hit!


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