My Girl

I feel like I blinked and this little girl changed overnight. Her toddler days are slowly melting into the pre-school stage. She loves to keep up with big sister: She works hard on learning the alphabet, she loves her PJ Masks (Catboy is her favorite) and she would eat chocolate all the day long if she could. She loves to walk around the house roaring like a dinasour (thanks to George from Peppa Pig).

They say she looks like me...but goodness, does she act like her daddy.

She's my wild & precious one. I love her so.


  1. The minute I clicked on here, I thought..."Oh my goodness! Does she look like her Mommy!"
    So beautiful!
    And I know-
    Those baby days melt into toddler days that give way to preschool days...
    And so on.
    I know you are savoring each and every moment. : )
    And I promise you, every stage is blissful!!
    But I do miss Peppa Pig!

  2. Oh my goodness - that smile stops your heart. And it is your smile too ;) Definitely looks like her Mama - such a Doll!! God bless those beautiful Girls. xoxo Have a lovely weekend