Monday, July 2, 2018

Our Cottage Farmhouse Living Room

We've been working on our living room for a few months, now. My goal was to incorporate a little bit of English Cottage and Farmhouse style. The biggest change that we've made since moving in was adding wainscoting to our walls. We opted to paint the lower half a solid, pure white. My hope was to lighten up our living room. I think my favorite decorative change, though, was buying buffalo check curtains. I'm kind of obsessed with buffalo check! A few things that helped pull the look together:

  • Neautral  Colors as the base, fun colors for accents! I went with turquoise and light green.
  • Adding buffalo check seems to check off both cottage AND farmhouse style!
  • Adding a few rustic and vintage elements. Namely, the vintage window!
  • And can't of course my Magnolia wreath that gives a nod to Fixer Upper!

We also added the wainscoting to our kitchen/dining and hallway area. It really changed the look and added to depth to each of the rooms.

I have enjoyed having fresh flowers in our home for the majority of summer, but with the heat waves, I think that is coming to a close. So, I'm snapping pictures of my hydrangeas as fast as I can. ;)

Shopping Resources:
Curtains: Bullard Designs
Table Lamps: Tj Maxx
Pillows: Tj Maxx
Scripture Signs: Hobby Lobby
Manolia Wreath: Flea Market
Rustic Frames: Mud Pie

Repin Love:

Also, I love all thing white & blue! Happy Monday, friends. :)


  1. I’m so in love with the color against the crisp white wainscoting! Beautiful!

  2. Hey. My walls are the same color. LOVED that mirror idea. gonna steal that for sure :D ;)

  3. I love the wainscoting that you added! It adds so much character to the space!

  4. You have such talent for creating a beautiful, warm, cozy home!
    Everything looks perfect.
    And I love your fact I think we have the exact same one!

  5. Looks absolutely beautiful! I love the wall color and the check curtains! So cute!!!

  6. Your place is adorable!!!! Love it

  7. Looks amazing! I love the buffalo check curtains! Great choice :)


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