Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Summer Days

Our summer days have centered around lots of swimming, reading, ice cream, and a little hiking thrown in here and there. 

One of my favorite childhood memories was reading the Little House books. I read them all...probably more than once. The girls are still a bit too young for the full series, but I've enjoyed reading to them from the little chapter books.

Evie has been learning to swim this year. She can keep her head above the water, float, and has been working hard to swim under the water. It's amazing how quickly she has learned and she LOVES it!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I cannot thank of a better way to spend summer days, Heather.
    I read the Little House Books many times as a young girl, and then again to my littles.
    LOVE that photo of your girl!!!
    Good for her!

    1. Yes! I LOVED the Little House books. I even dressed up as Laura for 'book day' at school. Such good memories. :) And yay for swimming!!!

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