Thursday, August 16, 2018

Board + Batten | An Updated Living Room Tour

I finally got around to filming an updated living room tour to highlight our Board + Batten project. Also, any idea on how to hide chords? I feel like it is such an eye sore. ;) It was nice getting out the camera and filming again. I have to admit, it's a lot of fun!

Happy Thursday!


  1. Your Living Room is so beautiful, Heather.
    I love the new touches you added, and I agree that is a warm and cozy place for your family to gather.
    I love the curtains!!!
    Good job, and I enjoyed the video! : )

  2. Your living room is gorgeous! I love the little touches you added that just give it so much character! I bet it feels great to cuddle up on the couch in there with a good book!

  3. The board and batten looks amazing and those curtains are the CUTEST!!

  4. I love your living room. I want that mirror and lamps!

  5. Looks great! I love how trim elevates a room!


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