Monday, August 20, 2018

First Day of School

Today, we started school! These little stinkers were pretty exited to wear new dresses and pose for pictures.

We  have a lot of books to read and field trips to take! I am probably just as excited as they are. I'm using Five in a Row Curriculum this year, and I'm already loving it.

Here's to a year of learning and growing together. Happy Monday!


  1. Happy New School Year!
    Your students are absolutely precious!!!
    I know how much you are going to enjoy this year.

  2. Oh my, look how cute they are! I was always curious about Five In A Row, but never got my act together to try it. I'd love to read more of your thoughts on it!

  3. They look so cute and full of energy! Have a great school year!

  4. Happy new school year!!! Your girls look darling! I hope the your first week went well! : )

  5. Happy beginning of the school year! I've never used Five in a Row, but I've heard good things!


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