Thursday, October 25, 2018

The 90's, Iced Coffee & Other Musings

A few random things on my mind....

I've been drinking an iced Peppermint Cream Coffee every morning for the last week. I discovered the Blonde Cold Brew pre-made bottles of coffee at the grocery store and ya'll, it has been a game changer. It is such a smooth coffee blend, and perfect for early mornings when I really need my immediate pick me up. I add two tablespoons of half & half, two drops of peppermint extract and one drop of vanilla extract.

"Just like Christmas in a cup!" Props to anyone who knows that quote. 🎄

We recently started getting more channels thanks to local basic cable. Typically, we just watch Netflix, but when we realized that Home Improvement re-runs were available each night we have been suckered into watching it...well, pretty much every night. Tim Allen is just hilarious. Also, I have decided that the 90's were far Superior as far as clothing and home decor goes. I plan to stock up on scrunchies, and buy myself a caboodle soon.  🤣

Church has kept us busy with fun events. We attended our first church picnic since we joined at the beginning of the year. The girls loved it and it was so nice to visit. Our family also attends a weekly Bible study that has been such a wonderful outlet for us. We are constantly being challenged with it! I'm most excited about a Bagpipe concert that our church will be hosting soon! I'll try to share more on that later. I am so thankful for a loving church family for my children to grow up with!

The colors are finally turning on our I will probably be posting allllll the fall pictures in the next few weeks. Fall is always late to bloom where we live!

Last, but not least, the girls keep me hopping each day with school lessons, and all their silly antics. We have a lot of fun together and I am so thankful to stay home with them. 💗 Family is precious.

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  1. Caboodles are back! And my oldest is 8 and informed me lots of her friends wear the "big soft hair things." So went scrunchie shopping last week!


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