Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Motherhood Thoughts

I learned early on in life that I would grow up to be a very counter-cultural person. I was always the nerd of the group. I spent most of my childhood climbing trees and reading books. I was never allowed my own phone or to watch rated R movies until I was nearly grown and out of the house. Not that I necessarily wanted too, but I was often made fun of for it. Which of course, made me feel bad at times. Looking back, I'm thankful for boundaries that were in place and having a simple childhood. It wasn't perfect, no life ever is, but it was good.

Now, as a mother, I find some of those old-fashioned philosophies deeply ingrained in my heart. I always feel like the odd duck. I don't quite understand my generation. I don't understand why women post pictures of themselves on the toilet and getting hundreds of praises singing to "raw" and "real" (true story). I will never understand why children are allowed to dress and act like adults and being given access to phones or devices that can strip their innocence in less than a second. I don't understand why modesty and common decency are so flippantly mocked.

I keep thinking of what kind of world my girls will grow up in. I don't mean for this to come from a judge-y attitude. Just genuine concern and confusion.

I want my girls to love simple things. To play outside. To wear pretty dresses or overalls. To be feminine, yet strong. To have words seasoned with grace and kindness. To love books and getting lost in a world of make-believe.

There's enough junk out there. I want to be a filter to the best of my ability, but goodness, some days even going to the grocery store can be daunting (hello unsavory magazines and people with crass speech).

All that to say, I am not perfect. I have so much to learn as a parent (don't we all), but I want so much to be the best mother I can be. Starting with simplicity and setting an even higher standard for my self. It really is an ever-evolving journey, isn't it?


  1. Heather,
    This is a beautiful post.
    It is so refreshing to read a young mother write about things so close to my heart.
    Keep doing YOUR thing, my friend.
    Your beautiful girls are blessed to have such a wonderful, loving mommy!

  2. Hello Heather,
    I found your lovely blog through Billie Jo. I'm so glad she highlighted this article for us to read...and introduce you to us. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. In fact, speaking from the view of a grandmother, I applaud you and appreciate so much your desire to allow your girls enjoy childhood the way it should be enjoyed. Reading here is like reading something our daughter or son would write and I'm adding your blog to my daily reads. :)

  3. This is such a beautiful post. I can relate as I often feel women of my generation and myself have no connection. There are women out there though! I have had to search high. Blessings.

  4. Could not love this more Heather. ;) Your beautiful girls are blessed to have you. I applaud you for this thinking and I pray every day for our world and for more old fashioned good and kindness. I am of the same logic completely, even though I'm far older than you are. Spread this message to your generation loud and proud my Friend.
    Blessings to you. xoxo


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