Thursday, February 21, 2019

Things I'm Loving Right Now

  • We've had a lot of sickness lately (head colds, mainly) which has kept us at home. I've spent my time reading, getting new organizing ideas, Bible journaling and trying new recipes. Egg Roll in a bowl has been my favorite so far!
  • A few days ago, I decided to add a few new sight words and phonics to Evie's reading program. She read three new words right off the bat! Watching her eyes light up as she figured out each new word was priceless. 
  • Ella has been learning her letters. She loves it and gets so excited when she figures out something new. Oh, how I just want to keep her bottled up as my baby forever. ;)
  • I made a cold brew coffee late last night to enjoy this morning, and let me just say every single drop was savored. I bought Bulletproof Beans from our local Whole Foods and I'm officially a new fan!! This will be my new go to for my morning brew! 
  • The daffodils have started blooming which reminds me that spring is just around the corner. I picked a few to put in my kitchen. They brighten the room and make me so happy. I think fresh flowers might be one of my favorite things, next to coffee, of course.
  • And on a rather random note: I started exercising at the beginning of January. I have consistently worked out 4 to  days a week for over 6 weeks, now! This is huge because that is one area I have always struggled with. I went back to an old workout video that I used for years because I loved it so much...and what do you know, I still enjoy it. Sometimes, the girls will even join me. :)
Happy Thursday, friends! 


  1. Hello!
    Good for your little learners!!!!
    And when you figure how to bottle them up and keep them babies, please let me know!!!
    Have a cozy weekend, my friend.
    Hope the colds are passed. : )

  2. Hello dear Beautiful Lady ;)
    Loved this - to get to catch up with you and see what you've been enjoying. First of all - rock on school Mom! Lol But hope you're all feeling better.
    Would love to see a tutorial on how you do your cold brew coffee. And I think I may need to pick up some fresh flowers my next grocery trip. Been missing those - great idea!!
    You should be so proud about the exercise. That is awesome!! I've been trying to stick with a better routine too since the start of the year. Keep it up Hon!
    Blessings on the rest of your weekend xo

  3. Hello! I hope you all are feeling better. We've had colds here too this week. I can't wait for nicer weather so we can open the windows and let the fresh air in! I'm excited you mentioned daffodils. It means Spring is coming! I'll have to look for that coffee at Whole Foods! Sounds delicious! Have a great week, my friend!

  4. So glad to hear Daffodils are already blooming somewhere. Gives me hope spring will eventually find us as well. Good for you on the exercise. Need to get back into that around here. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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