Sunday, March 17, 2019

Oh My Matcha!

Good morning, friends! This has been a doozy of a week: I got bit by a bee on Wednesday (ouch!), hosted a homeschool party on Thursday, woke up at midnight on Friday only to realize I had Strep (triple ouch!). On top of that my allergies have been acting up which landed me an early doctor's appointment that included a shot and steroids. I normally pass on steroids, but when it comes to Strep I DO NO mess around. I get it every year, and every year I'm amazed out the amount of pain my body can endure.

Anyway, I decided to stay home this morning even though I'm technically not considered contagious at this point, but I felt my body needed just a little more downtime. I've been catching up on a few things like blogging, reading, and thinking about lovely things...which includes another title by my favorite author and a new favorite drink: Matcha Latte! Seriously, where has this amazing cup of green been all my life? Not to mention, its the perfect green accessory for St. Patrick's Day!

Okay, so on to the book I was chatting about. Jennifer L. Scott wrote a handful of my favorite books that satisfy my inner Francofile. After reading Lessons from Madame Chic and At Home with Madame chic twice in the last two years, I finally ordered Polish Your Poise. If you love all things centered on beauty, femininity, and elegance with a dash of good humor, I would highly recommend these books. Polish Your Poise has already had me rethinking wardrobe choices, and commending myself to sit up straighter. Her books have inspired me to fall in love with the arts again (great literature, good books, plays, etc), streamline my homemaking, and learn to curate my closet.

Also, I feel like this blog post would not be complete without one more nod to the Matcha Latte. Think of a fresh, light flavor, subtle hints of fruit, creamy and luscious all in one cup. How I ordered mine at Starbucks: Venti Iced Matcha made with Almond Milk, only one scoop of matcha, three pumps of sugar free vanilla. Perfection!

Hope you have a wonderful day...❤


  1. Oh dear, what a week! I hope you are feeling better! Strep is no joke. At least you have been able to take advantage of some needed downtime. Thank you for the book recommendations. I have never read Jennifer L Scott but I think I would like her! : ) Also your matcha latte looks heavenly! I hope you have a better week! Happy Spring!

  2. Oh my - that is a doozy of a week! I hope you feel completely better soon Sweetie. I had something with matcha quite a while ago and wasn't sure I liked it. But the way you describe your drink sounds really good. Maybe I'll give it another chance ;)

    That book sounds good. I've been trying to increase my reading time lately. Hope you feel better and have a great rest of the week xo

  3. That book sounds wonderful! I might have to check out that author! And can you believe I’ve never had a matcha latte? You have convinced me to give it a try next time!


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